Enhancing your skills for life and work

By Kris Attard

Therapist Julie is treating a patient in her clinic. As she works, her intuitive mind begins to reveal layers of information on her patient's problem, information vital for the success of the treatment, which would have normally eluded an untrained mind.

On a plane bound for New York, Joseph is mentally rehearsing, right down to the minutes detail, the important presentation he will be delivering to a business client in a few hours' time. In so doing, he is laying the foundations for a superb performance.

MindScape is a weekend workshop that leads participants to 'open' the powerful latent intuitive powers of the mind, and learn techniques such that one can tap into this resource at will, to immense benefit. It is taught in various countries around the world both to public audiences as well as specialized groups that include therapists, athletes and top businesspeople. Clients include some of the world's biggest companies, who have found the methods effective in enhancing creative thinking and intuition within the ranks of their senior executives and managers.