• BodyTalk can alleviate or heal allergies, eczema, and generalised pain. It is effective for emotional problems such as anxiety, burnout, phobia, stress and fatigue.

• BodyTalk can optimise body posture and coordination, strengthen the immune system and improve digestion and metabolism. Brain function can be brought into balance, through which, clear thinking may be stimulated.

• BodyTalk can also provide benefits for learning difficulties, dyslexia and other cognitive disturbances.

• BodyTalk has a positive effect on almost all areas of health, is safe for all age groups and has no known pernicious side effects.

Following a session, clients note a marked curative result in both mind and body. Of course, there are situations in which appropriate medication and specialised help is necessary or needs to continue in tandem with BodyTalk. BodyTalk does not replace medical diagnosis, treatment or medication.