"I came to Christine during a difficult period during which I'd no specific complaints but was quite tense and was keen to feel physically better. The preliminary meeting and my first treatment were very positive, and at that time Christine went immediately to the root of the problem by subtly 'listening' to my body. With really just a single touch I was feeling better, and after the first treatment I felt a great alleviation, and in general felt better. At the time of subsequent treatments, all the pieces came more and more together, all of which had a great influence on my wellbeing and personal growth. It seemed all the pieces of the puzzle were falling in place, often with a short explanation by Christine over the most important issues that she had come across. But the loveliest part of the process is that it is your body that answers all the questions, so drawn-out analysis of what is going on in your body is not necessary. Truly BodyTalk!"

"I had had lower back pain for a very long time. It was so bad I could never sleep through a single night. I'd been to many physical therapists and specialists, had scans and also sought out alternative treatments, but nothing helped. On the advice of a friend, I went to see Christine. We had an intense intake session and spent and hour and a half on the treatment table. Although I'd come for my back, Christine soon told me that the focus was on my ears. Then I remembered that I'd also been experiencing quite bad ear pain for about a year. The ear pain only came at night, and in the morning when I got up, it was gone, so I'd forgotten all about it. Through treatment with Christine my ear pain completely disappeared! Also my back has greatly improved. The best thing about the treatment was that it was all very calming and felt lovely. Christine barely touches you, but something happens within your body. And now I'm a year on, and my ear pain has never returned."

"Just a short message after my BodyTalk treatment: I am now much stronger again, but in the days prior to beginning I was at a total loss, and had given in. There was nothing more for me to do although I thought I'd taken wise decisions. Now I can state that this (BodyTalk) has really done a lot for me. It seems I had to go through a deep valley, but now I feel much better again, and with small steps, I'm getting back to work."

"I came to Christine with issues in my right foot. I found the ensuing treatment so relaxing that on several occasions I almost fell asleep. All the while, Christine was busy tapping away and making connections with different parts of my body. I must say, I couldn't understand it all, but when the treatment was over, my pain, to a great extent, had dissipated, and now several months on, this is still the case."

"BodyTalk has given me great clam and particularly has provided me with a deeper insight into my own self-awareness. The things that came up during sessions now help me recognise the signals that my body is giving me, and this fact has pushed me a step further towards mental and physical awareness. Not long ago, I came to Christine with shoulder issues that I had, shoulder pain that had developed into tendonitis. Through BodyTalk, it became clear that this was due to an unguessed stress level. This was true on various levels, and gave me insight into further self-reflection. With rest, but particularly with BodyTalk's insight and the awareness it gave me, my stress and shoulder pain are nearly all gone.
BodyTalk is also for me complete relaxation because Christine's space and because Christine herself is extremely calming. It is a beautiful process in which I answer my own questions via my body's energy."

Kathelyne :
"Because Christine's pamphlet intrigued me, I went for an overall physical check-up that turned into three sessions. Each session gave me new insight. Christine's technique and manner are inspiring and relaxing. It is astounding how much one can get out of the treatment. Now that even a few months have passed, I can still say that I feel the positive results.!"

"For the past ten years, since I was first pregnant, I'd been suffering from claustrophobia- a horrible sensation that I had previously never experienced. Specially when flying, the hoisting up of the plane stair and the closing of its doors filled me with terror.
About two years ago I had to go to Barcelona for work. I told Christine how keen I was to go, but also that I was terribly anxious about it. And so, I ended up on her table. Christine had just passed her BodyTalk exams and it was a practice session for her as a beginning therapist. I flew stress-free to Spain, and came back home stress-free, and ever since fly free of anxiety. Now and again I seek 'maintenance' on Christine's table to sustain my re-found self-confidence, and when I do, it is a great pleasure!"