Are you having pain in your body, an illness, stress, headache, burnout or depression? Or are you holding on to negative thought patterns and feel yourself to be blocked or in a general malaise vis à vis the world at large? Are you recovering from an operation? Or do you simply wish to recharge your batteries and bring yourself into balance? Then BodyTalk is for you!

BodyTalk is a simple and powerful way to stimulate balance and recovery. Based on traditional Eastern medicine, as well as current Western medical practices, BodyTalk brings our body and spirit (once again) into balance.  And when we are in balance, the effect is wholly positive upon our entire wellbeing. 

On this site you will find information on BodyTalk.  Should you find this treatment method intriguing, please feel free to contact me.




At the moment I am only giving BodyTalk sessions online (via WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom).
I also can record your session and mail it to you.
Please call me m 06 555 777 90 or mail
tinew@xs4all.nl to make an appointment.

BodyTalk Access Trainingen I only teach at the moment in private settings to a maximum of two people
who are both living in the same household.
During the Access Training (5 - 6 hours) you are learning six effective BodyTalk techniques to support
your health and physical & emotional balance and that of others. The BodyTalk Access routine is especially in times
with emotions of stress, fear and loss of control a very usefull tool to support your health and the well being
of your loved ones. For more information please call m 06 555 777 90 of mail me via tinew@xs4all.nl

The BodyTalk Access techniques I can also do for you via a short online or distcance session.
The session will take about 15 - 20 minutes and costs 25 €. Afterwards you will feel more calm, 
rejuvenated and trustfull.

The next Access Trainingen are plant:  

Netherlands  - plant Access Training (depending on the laws around the Corona-Virus)

SUNDAY 5 JULY 2020, 9.30 am - 5.30 pm, BOEMENDAAL
De Muziekschuur, Donkerelaan 55, Bloemendaal
http://www.muziekschuurbloemendaal.nl  140 € (incl. lesboek en certificaat)
Aanmelden via Christine Wagner, m 06 555 777 90 of tinew@xs4all.nl
of https://www.bodytalksystem.com/seminars/

SUNDAY 30 August 2020, 9.30 am - 5.30 pm BLOEMENDAAL
De Muziekschuur, Donkerelaan 55, Bloemendaal
http://www.muziekschuurbloemendaal.nl  140 € (incl. lesboek en certificaat)
Aanmelden via Christine Wagner, m 06 555 777 90 of tinew@xs4all.n
of https://www.bodytalksystem.com/seminars/

DEUTSCHLAND - geplantes Access Training (haengt von der Gesetzeslage ab i.Z.m. dem Corona-Virus)

SAMSTAG 16. Mai 2020, 9.30 - 17.30 Uhr, PAPENBURG (DEUTSCHLAND)
Buergerzentrum, Bethlehem re 47c, 26871 Papenburg, 130 €  (inkl. Studienbuch u Zertifikat)
Anmeldung via maren_schmitz@gmx.de oder Maren Koelling-Schmitz, Telefon + 49 4962 / 205 4006
oder https://www.bodytalksystem.com/seminars/

The Access Trainings are taught in Dutch or German. However, if you are English speaking please contact me,
so we can arrange a bilingual class or an English Access course.


"Over two months ago, I had cataract surgery. Everything went well and I was having no problems but when I returned to work, my eyes started to burn and turn red. I went to an eye specialist who told me the surgery was perfect but I had a slight infection in my eye. She gave me antibiotic eye drops. This worked for a week but after I stopped, my eyes started to bother me again. It felt like I had sandpaper in my eyes. I thought it was dust in the air or in the vents of my workplace. When I recently flew to Zurich to take a bodytalk course, the light and air in the room hurt my eyes so much I had to put sunglasses on and shield my eyes from the light. When we were told to practice one of the techniques, I was very fortunate to have Christine Wagner as a partner. I asked her if she could check in with my eyes and see what was going on. She found that I had a bacteria inside my eye. She linked it to my microbiome and aligned my three brains. I had almost immediate relief. I did not have to wear sunglasses or squint at the instructor for the rest of my time in the course. I have received bodytalk treatments for over 10 years from many different bodytalkers. I have always found it incredibly helpful for balancing stress and releasing old stuff, but it has usually been emotional or psychological shifts. I’ve read many testimonials about people finding immediate improvement about some physical affliction, but this is the first time that I have had something physical improve and change so dramatically. It was quite amazing. Thank you, Christine! "

Bonnie McComb, CBP Warsaw, Poland

"I started seeing Christine in the summer of 2017 when I started developing some skin issues and feeling "under the weather". I was feeling anxious and unsettled, and was tired most of the time. Within a few sessions, I noticed that I have become more calm and lighter. I felt more confident and at ease with myself. Now, about 1.5 years later, I have learnt a lot about myself and taught myself to live and let live. I quit my corporate job a year ago and followed my heart and started my own, small consultancy business. My children said that I am so much more "chill" now and my skin issues are slowly getting better. I believe that the sessions I have worked through with Christine have helped me get to this point. The BodyTalk therapy has brought a sense of balance to me and I am excited about the journey ahead of me! To top it all off, Christine is one of the most genuine, kind and compassionate person I have ever met! She is truly a gem and a lot of pleasure to work with. Thank you Christine and BodyTalk!"

Caroline T. , legal advisor, The Netherlands

I am member of the BATC, the professional body of natural therapists.

I am also working in Haarlem, 3' walk from NS Station Bloemendaal.
So you can combine a  BodyTalk session with a walk
along the beach or through the dunes, after being back into
balance and feeling more calm and relaxed.
NS Station Bloemendaal is a 20' trainride from Amsterdam. There are trains running
between Amsterdam Central and Bloemendaal every 30 minutes.
Call 06 555 777 90 of mail to make an appointment tinew@xs4all.nl

Muriel Janssen wrote a wonderful, very personal interview which I would like to share: